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Seahawks Game

Seahawks Game  : The Kansas City Chiefs and the Seattle Seahawks meet this weekend for the first preseason game; what are the three things you need to watch for during the game? The wait is finally over Kansas City Chiefs fans, the first look at the 2016 team happens this weekend. It seems like the wait had taken forever since the team last took the field in January of this year, but it is here and the regular season will be underway before we know it. With the first game coming up lets take a look at three things to watch for as the Chiefs Kingdom welcomes in the 12th man. The first preseason game does not have much in terms of first team offense on the field. Typically the first team will play one or two series then come off the field so the coaches can get a good look at the other players fighting for a spot on the roster.

But seahawks game live even with that in mind one thing that needs to be watched for is quarter back Alex Smith’s rapport with his wide receivers. Smith during the 2015 campaign began to build something quite special with Jeremy Maclin, and of course he already had good timing with tight end Travis Kelce; but there seemed to be something off with his other receivers. For this first game it will be interesting to see what another year with those players will produce. A player like Chris Conley, who has great potential, can be a true number two receiver. Being a second year player should only help develop that a little more for the 2016 season. On top of the chemistry with the number two and three receiver will be the development of the long ball for Smith.

Smith is a good quarterback in that he does not take risks, but risks need to be taken. There were a few passes last year that did showcase his arm, seahawks game live stream but the tendency  for  Smith is to low short quick routes and rely on the speed of his target. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, but defenses know about Smith and can play to that. If Alex is to take the next step in his career he needs to risk some passes and show the NFL he can hurl the ball when he wants to. That brings us to the very interesting prospect in Tyreek Hill. Hill was met with a lot of controversy when he was selected by the team, but we will not address all that. What Hill has done over the past few weeks and rookie mini-camp is be impressive with the coaches. Bring compared to special teams coordinator Dave Toub’s former All-Pro Devin Hester , Hill has speed the ability to break ankles when defenders try to tackle him.

One thing Hill has also been doing better than Thomas in is his ability to catch the ball. Thomas has been working on that quite a bit in the off season and it does show, but Hill who is a rookie is already doing just that. If Hill can continue to develop and impress the coaches as he already has, there is going to be quite an interesting battle to watch at camp and throughout the preseason. The first game of the preseason is sure to be exciting for the team and Chiefs fans everywhere so, LETS GO CHIEFS!

What do say you, Addicts? What will you be looking for during the first game of the season? Let us know your thoughts in the seahawks game comments below.


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